Placing a copyright notice at the bottom of a page on your website only relates to any content that you have personally created, and not to any material created by any other person and which you are using with their permission. Whilst the owner's terms for reproducing their material may vary, it is generally recommended that you should always include a text acknowledgment on the same page as their material is used to clearly identify who the real owner is, and that the material is being used with their permission. If you do not follow this guideline, then you are misleading visitors into thinking that the work is by you.

Some of the graphics used on this site come from Offwell Woodland and Wildlife Trust, from whom I hold written permission to reproduce images from their site on this website. These will be indicated on the page on which the graphics appear as Copyright Offwell Trust. Other images are used with the kind written permission of semi-professional wildlife and landscape photographer John Gardner, and again will be marked on the page on which the graphics appear as Copyright John Gardner @ I also hold written permission from Devon County Council to make use of any material from their website as it is already in the public domain, and this will be marked on the page on which the graphics appear as Courtesy of DCC.

All Awards are copyrighted to the respective owners or issuing award programs and are reproduced unaltered. Compliance logos are reproduced in line with that organisations declared policy, and are not separately indicated.

Many, if not all, of the remaining pictures were either taken by myself, and will be indicated on the page in question as Copyright by DCT. Ownership of all other local pictures will also be acknowledged on the page in question. Advertisements for accommodation may include information previously published on another site, but reproduced here with the permission of the owner of the said information. These will be clearly acknowledged on the relevant page. No images reproduced on this site come from an unknown source, if I do not have permission, then in line with this sites declared policy, I will not use the said image.

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Unless otherwise indicated on the page in question, the photographic images reproduced on this site belong to the Witheridge Historical Archives who produce this website. Whilst you are welcome to use any of the photographs belonging to the archive for personal or non commercial use, you must obtain prior written permission for any commercial use. You cannot make use any material not owned by the Archive in any form without first receiving written permission from the owner of the material in question.