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Please Contribute Your Witheridge Memories

The Historical archive is keen to receive any memories people may have of Witheridge, however brief, in order to further their attempts to compile a full historical record. Please take a few minutes to record your recollections and send them to the webmaster. Information may include people, places, wartime, military service of relatives or friends, anecdotes of life, and anything else that you consider of interest.

We are also keen to obtain copies of photographs of people places and events that related to Witheridge, and would ask you to lend us your photo's which we will copy and return to you within 72 hours. These pictures will be added to some 1500 photographs we currently have in the Archive, and will be preserved for future generations.

Interested in Your Local History!

The Witheridge Historical Archive is seeking residents of the Parish who would be interested in re-forming the Witheridge Historical Society which sadly ceased to be some years ago. Members of the Archive will be happy to assist in the formation of a new group, and will gladly make available information from the Archive to any new group. We would also be very pleased to give talks on the history of the village, and to provide copies of all transcribed documents in our possession, including copies of the Birth, Death and Baptism Register held in the County Archives since 1752.

With apologies to the one lady who previously contacted me, and whose details I managed to misplace, if she or anybody else is interested please contact me, David Taylor on 01884 861151, or Email me at:

Witheridge Golf Society

The Society met at Waterbridge on 14th July 2010 for the Summer Golf Trophy and was rewarded by settled weather on a day which had threatened to be showery. An excellent turnout of 15 members was present. It was particularly good to welcome new members David Owen from Witheridge and Geoff Howell from Chulmleigh.

The winning team comprised John Avens, Terry Hawkins and Jim Steele who managed to birdie one and par five out of the nine holes. Runners up team members were Tony Curtis, Greg Henderson and Ken Leneveu.

The next matches will be the Autumn Trophy on Wednesday 8th September and the Christmas Golf Trophy on Wednesday 8th December. New members are always welcome.

We will have a 9-hole Texas Scramble in the morning followed by a buffet lunch. Some members then enjoy a further 9 hole informal competition in the afternoon, this is so that all standards of golf can be accommodated.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Andrew Clark on 01884 860612 or e-mail at

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United Churches of Witheridge Village Luncheon Club

A luncheon club has been started in the village for all those people who live on their own to enjoy a meal and have a chat with friends. It is held on the first Tuesday of every month with a home-cooked hot meal, dessert and drink for £2.50 per person. Transport is available if required.

Witheridge Bell Ringers

We are now ringing fairly regularly on Sunday mornings again. Although conditions are not perfect, we are now able to take learners for our practice sessions on Friday evenings which start at 7.15pm in the bell tower. This has been made easier as John Chapple has installed a practice bell for anyone who wishes to learn. We are also starting practicing once again with the hand bells.

Handrails have now been fitted to the stairs outside the tower making it much safer when the steps are wet or icy.

Experienced ringers who have moved into the village would be welcome as we only have seven ringers and eight bells! We meet before Sunday Service at 9.00am in the bell tower.

Harry Richardson, Secretary 860522

Community Composting Section

By the time the “Voice” is published There will be only a few more collections as we finish on Thursday 28th October. We will however collect trailer loads after that date - £10 for members, £15 for non-members. If you wish to take advantage of this service, ring either of the following numbers: Greg on 01884 860819 or Harry 01884 860522. We also have compost for sale @ £1 per bag.

Harry Richardson Treasurer 860522.

Witheridge Art Group

WAG is still going strong. We are a non instruction group who learn from each other and enjoy our hobby. We meet 7.30 pm to 9.15 pm Wednesdays in the Parish Hall Committee Rooms - £5 membership per year and just £1 per week. We are always delighted to receive new members so if you have always fancied joining an Art class, do try us out. We welcome any age group and any ability.   Eileen Curtis : 01884 - 860564

Eileen Curtis 860564

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Tuesday Afternoon Club

This is an offshoot of "Upstream", a charity supported by the Healthy Learning Centre, to give encouragement to older people who are no longer in employment to meet together.

We meet every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm in the Rest-a-While Day Centre.


EAST WORLINGTON’S Mother and Toddler group meet every Tuesday afternoon during term time from 2.00 to 3.30 pm in the Pre-School room at the Primary School. We are a small, friendly and informal group. Children from birth to school age are welcome and the cost is only £1.00 per family (which includes a cup of tea or coffee). It is a great opportunity to meet up with friends and make new ones. Any new Mums who would like to come along are always made very welcome. If you would like to know more about our little group, then just turn up on a Tuesday afternoon or telephone me: LINDSEY HARTREY (01884) 861516


The Brownies are for girls aged seven to ten years old. We have lots of fun playing games, singing songs and doing great activities as well as making new friends. We are pleased our Brownie unit is thriving in numbers at the moment and that we also have a healthy waiting list but if your daughter would like to be added to the waiting list then please don’t hesitate to call the number below even if they are not yet old enough to join. If you would like to come along and share either a skill or hobbies with the Brownies please contact us, the girls love having visitors to their unit.

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The Mobile Library:

Visits the village each Friday stopping at the following locations:

The School 9.55 : 10.25
Brooke Road 10.30 : 10.50
The Square 10.55 : 11.25
Appletree Close 11.30 : 11.55

The contact number remains that of Okehampton Library: 01837 52805 or Mobile 0850 783823

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Refuse Collection:

Refuse collection day for the village is Friday. For all outlying areas you should check with N.D.D.C. on: 01271 388344


At last we have found a site, so are busy marking out plots and getting the initial weed treatment and ploughing underway. Modifications are in hand to move the gate into the field to ensure vehicles entering and leaving the site are off the road. Our thanks to various businesses in the village for their support and sponsorship: Leach Brothers, Mole Valley Farmers, D.J. Ford and to our local farmers for manure and the spreading machine. Without their help and advice we would be struggling to get this project off the ground. Many thanks to the members, who called in many favours, bent arms etc, to obtain the various bits and bobs what we need.

Greg Henderson, Hon Sec.

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Regarding the future use of the Congregational Church

With the agreement of the existing membership of the Congregational Church, leaders of Churches Together in Witheridge along with ecumenical advisors are looking prayerfully into more creative ways of making use of the Congregational Church’s premises.

The process is at an early stage but our aim is to discover new opportunities through which in partnership we can explore areas of mission in the village. To take the discussion further, some basic research is being undertaken to ascertain the needs within the community. We hope this will reveal new areas of potential should the building be refurbished.

Naturally there would need to be extensive consultation before any plan were finalised. For now we wanted to make you aware that the process is taking place and will keep you informed of progress.

Pastor Bill King (on behalf of Churches Together in Witheridge)

The Rest-a-While Day Centre

Open 10 - 12am Monday to Saturday for Tea, Coffee and Biscuits. Come along and meets your friends. Everyone is welcomed especially visitors to our village.

Short Mat Bowls

Just a reminder that we meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays all the year round from 7.00pm for a 7.15pm  start in the Parish Hall. New members are always welcome, and we have some club woods that newcomers can use. Anyone from Witheridge and surrounding districts, over the age of 16 can join. Charges are minimal at £1.00 per evening, waived for the first three meetings, and there is an annual membership fee of £15. If you would like any additional information, then please contact Harry Richardson, Secretary on 860522.

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Gardening Club

Meets Last Wednesday of the Month 7.30pm Parish Hall.

Parish Council

Meets First Thursday in Month at 7.30pm in the Committee Rooms at the Parish Hall.

Each property in the village has been issued with TWO Wheelie bins by Greensweep Waste Management acting for North Devon District Council, one green and one black. The green one should only contain garden waste and cardboard and your black bin is for disposable waste only.

South Molton Recycling now offer a collection to every one in the district by means of the Green Plastic box and bag issued to every property. The green plastic box is for all dry recyclable such as plastic bottles, tin cans and glass jars. The green bag is for old newspapers, clothes and toys you no longer want. Where properties could not accommodate wheelie bins or restricted access excludes them from the scheme, free black bags are available from NDDC.

Your GREEN BAG should only contain: Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues, Telephone books, Clean old clothes, Shoes (in pairs), Handbags, Belts, Sheets, Curtains, Pillow cases, Duvet covers, Junk mail (no plastics)

Your GREEN BOX should only contain: Glass bottles, jars, Plastic bottles (i.e. milk cartons, shampoo bottles etc, Food tins, Drink cans, Aluminium foil, Aerosol cans

Your GREEN WHEELIE BIN should only contain: Bark, Hedge clippings, Grass cuttings, Weeds, Cut flowers, Plants (no soil), Windfalls, Untreated sawdust, Wood shavings, Clean straw, Egg boxes, Cardboard (not with plastic attached) including food packaging and washing powder boxes.

Your BLACK WHEELIE BIN should only contain: All cooked OR uncooked food waste including peelings, Vacuum cleaner contents, Vegetable peelings, Cardboard milk or juice cartons, Disposable nappies, Plastic envelopes, Tea bags, coffee filters, Polystyrene, Plastic food wrappers i.e. cling film, crisp packets etc. Empty containers: Engine oil containers, Pesticide containers, Medicine bottles, Yoghurt pots, Butter, margarine tubs. Take tops off all plastic bottles. Tops are often made of a different type of plastic. Rinse all containers well.

For all your Greensweep enquiries call 01271 374776 or e-mail

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