At the Annual General Meeting in July, a new group of trustees was elected, and have now held two meetings as a newly constituted group of representatives. There are still some co-opted vacancies available if there are any Parish/Village groups who wish to be represented. In order to have representation, they have to be properly constituted and maintain a set of accounts.

We have decided to hold regular fund-raising events starting with a Family Bingo on Dec. 5th being the first, and we hope that you are to come along. This is instead of the Christmas parties which St. Johns Fair Committee have decided not to do. The kitchen is sadly in need of refurbishment and we have made this our 1st fund raising priority. We have purchased a hot-cupboard with a Grassroots grant, thank you Mary & Debbie, and are hoping to purchase a new cooker in the New Year. Much of our meetings are spent discussing maintenance issues, but we do have reports on different things effecting the Hall and its Grounds.

The Youth Shelter working group has met twice and is making progress towards a design & a location. The Parish Hall Committee have not made any final decision on this & await their recommendations. The members of that group are: Parish Hall reps, Parish Council reps, The Police, Youth workers, and several young people.

The new Community Hall Task group have met twice, and I would like to encourage you to complete YOUR YELLOW SURVEY FORM which will be coming out with the next issue of the village scene, and return it to help us get YOUR VIEWS on what you would like for the Parish in years to come.

Thank you to all the Committee for their hard work for the Parish Hall & its ground. And Thank You to all of you for supporting & using it. Happy Christmas.

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