Sadly I have taken the decision that the Witheridge award Program must close. Persistent ill health has forced me to accept that things have to change in my life. There is little pleasure to be obtained these days from running an Award Program, and little evidence that most of those applying for awards even bother to read the criteria. I would like to thank all those who have become friends over the years, and I will retain my contacts and interest in improving standards. Those applications still in the pipeline will be finalised as soon as possible.

Although the original Witheridge WTA program has closed, those who won awards during the period January 2002 to July 2006 will continue to be listed below as long as their site remains open.  During the period the program was running, we received 1116 applications which produced 30 winners of all types, a percentage return of 2.69%, and the number of applications winning Gold was 0.98%, a total of 11 Awards.

Gold Award and WTA

July 2006 - Liza Kliko's Digital Art
January 2005 - Poetry From the Heart
July 2004 - My Link in Time
February 2004 - Swedish Golden Retrievers Raspberry Robin et al
February 2004 - Korea Orchid
February 2004 - Daniele Jaquillard, contemporary French Painter
February 2004 - Tims Spider Corner
January 2004 - Juicy Studio

Gold Award Prior to January 2004

15/05/2003 - Authorised Graham Nash Website
15/05/2003 - JerryD's Music Site
30/04/2003 - JEM of the Net Awards

Silver Award

July 2006 - BV.Lindenheuvel (No Upgrade)
December 2004 - Assess Risk
February 2004 - SFG Fantasy Art Gallery
February 2004 - BV.Lindenheuvel
February 2004 - Ruth Haven
January 2004 - Marseilles Lions Club
December 2003 -Teaching and Learning Resources
December 2003 - Greenwoods Map of London 1827
November 2003 - Poetry from the Heart

Silver Award Prior to January 2004

30/4/2003 - Melton Ross and New Barnetby
20/3/2002 - Taylors Elementary
07/6/2002 - Heart Thoughts

Bronze Award

30/11/2004 - Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves

Bronze Award Prior to January 2004

20/3/2002 - Kibcoradio
11/4/2002 - Jim Whalen Graphics
17/4/2002 - Skyhawkfireheart
17/4/2002 - Sandpiper Nest
07/6/2002 - Heart Thoughts
30/6/2002 - Crow Poetry

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