Welcome to Witheridge Church of England CE Primary School.

Witheridge CE Primary School provides a friendly, caring environment in which parents are encouraged to play an active role, and is an integral part of the Village.

The School has 90 children aged from rising five to eleven, and is organised into four classes – a Reception class, a Key Stage One class, and two classes in Key Stage Two.

Many of the children have previously been at the on-site Witheridge Pre-School and have joined us as they approached their fifth birthdays, a transition made easier by the experience of the School they have already gained over their preceding time in Pre-School.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please use the following information:

Headteacher: Mr Steve Duncan

Witheridge C of E Primary School
Fore Street
EX16 8AH

Tel/Fax: 01884 860518

Email: admin@witheridge.devon.sch.uk

On the subject of tests, our seven and 11 year olds did well in the summer, although as you may have seen in the news the marking of the Key Stage 2 tests was a fiasco. An example of the poor marking was found when I saw that one of our Year 6 had missed Level 5 by just one mark. Looking closely at his returned test paper I saw that when asked the purpose of the cow’s molar he had written “munching”. To you or I that would mean the same as chewing, but not to the SATs markers and their mark schemes.

I fruitlessly sent his paper back to be re-marked, but the mark was not forthcoming, and thus his four years of hard work in Key Stage 2 was cheated by bureaucracy, inflexibility and their refusal to consult a dictionary. Fortunately, to him it won’t make a deal of difference, but as schools are judged to be only as good as their last set of SATs results it IS important to us (should it be?). When schools, their teachers and children are increasingly judged by tests and exams, and people on the ground work so hard, it is not good enough that those at a much higher level do such a poor job and so shamelessly.

I wonder what grade our Government would receive if it was “Ofsteded” ... Outstanding / Good / Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (underline as appropriate).

Email: admin@witheridge.devon.sch.uk

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