Under The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 It is an offence for a dog owner not to clean up after their dog in a designated area. In North Devon District Councils area of control, it is now illegal to let your dog foul on any land which is open to the air and to which the public are entitled or are permitted to have access (with or without pavement). The Council recognises that dog fouling is not only a potential health hazard, but also a bad advertisement for a beautiful part of the country that attracts tourism and therefore considerable investment into our community.

Complaints about dog fouling will be investigated by the Unit's dog warden service, e.g. dog owners in your street allowing their dogs to foul the grass verge and not picking up the excrement for disposal. If an authorised Council official witnesses an offence, people can be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £25.00. Greater offences or an ignorance of warnings can lead upon summary conviction to a maximum fine of £1,000.

In order to comply with the legislation, dog owners must pick up dog faeces immediately and place in a bag. If placed in a litter or dustbin, the waste should be double-bagged first.

A free leaflet entitled "Information for all Dog Owners" is available upon request from Environmental Health.


If you have a garden try to encourage your dog to go there. You can then bury the mess or alternatively clean it up and bin it.

When walking your dog always carry the means to clear up after your dog. A simple plastic bag will do the trick or obtain poop scoops from a local pet shop. Remember to take a bag or poop scoop with you as you would a lead.

Every time your dog fouls "bag it and bin it". Either use the local bins provided for the purpose, or take the poop scoop home and dispose of it there. Remember Rain does not wash the problem away.

Never let your dog out alone to go to the loo. It is every dog owners duty to clean up after their dog.


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