Great Bradley Cottage Natural Burial Ground

Set in the beautiful Devon Countryside, and with outstanding views across unspoilt farmland towards Dartmoor, is Great Bradley Cottage Natural Burial Ground.

Situated some six miles from Witheridge at Templeton is a one acre green burial ground situated in part of a five acre hay meadow. With bulbs and spring flowers planted after a burial, and with careful planting of fruit or deciduous native trees it is intended to form a small orchard around the burials where people can visit and sit enjoying the tranquillity.

As the trees slowly develop and mature their canopy will gradually shade out the plants on each grave, leaving only the spring bulbs to flower briefly before the tree blossom and leaves dominate. Eventually, when it is appropriate to do so, sheep will be allow to graze the established graves and surrounding grass, protecting vulnerable trees that have not fully developed.

The site will never be re-developed or ploughed, the orchard will remain and eventually become an established private nature reserve for families to re-visit and enjoy; with my son continuing the good work after my passing.

The approach up a country lane leads to a level site with a stoned parking area, and there is a small grass track around the edge of the meadow where families are welcome to wander in private with their thoughts. The surrounding hedgerows are wild and untamed with primroses, daffodils and foxgloves all mixed in with honeysuckle, brambles and nettles to encourage the abundant wildlife. Typical wildlife includes deer, foxes, badgers and rabbits along with buzzards, pheasants, skylarks and swallows as well as an abundance of small birds.

Contact Details

Mrs Catherine Hunt
Great Bradley Cottage
Calverleigh Cross
EX16 8BJ

Tel/Fax : 01884 256098

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