Witheridge Parish Hall Committee: Thursday 19th November 09 at 7.30 in the Committee Room at the Parish Hall

Present: a record of members will be kept with these minutes.

Apologies: Mavis Huckle, Greg Henderson, Tony Willis, and Gill Manning

The Chair thanked everyone for attending the meeting and asked if everyone has received a copy of the last meeting minutes and the agenda. All members have received copies. It was noted that we have a distribution problem. Dave Taylor kindly offered to hand out paper copies of the next meetings agenda and forward the minutes via email and Chris has kindly offered to hand out paper copies of the minutes and agenda to those Committee Members who do not have access to email. All at the meeting were asked to check and update the contact list to avoid confusion, the updated list will distributed to all members

Minutes from the last meeting – 17th Sept– these were agreed to be a correct account of the meeting and duly signed by the Chair

Matters Arising From the Last Meeting – 17th Sept 09

Floor – Kate Palmer has asked a floor expert cleaning company (Service Master) to give a quote to chemically clean and reseal the kitchen floor and green lino. No quote has been received to date. It was noted that we need to check that the floor will be non-slip and be guaranteed once the work has been done. Kate Palmer proposed that once the concern about guarantee and non-slip has been overcome and the quote is suitable (lower than to replace the affected areas) that Dave Taylor, Jim Homden and herself could make a decision on whether to proceed on behalf of the Committee. All in agreement- Action Kate Palmer, Dave Taylor and Jim Homden

Shed Roof – Jim Homden informed the meeting that every time he contacts the firm (Hackman Constructions) he is assured they are due to start work, but as of today the work has not been started. It was noted that as this needs to been finalised as the weather is getting colder/wetter and some of Mothers and Toddlers items have gone mouldy and been thrown out. Ken Botfield has been given a written quote to carry out the work as a cost of £590.00. It was noted that a re-quote will needed to include the removal of old felt, as well as to reseal the wood and seal on new felt. It was proposed that once the new quote has been received Kate Palmer, Dave Taylor and Jim Homden will take a decision on behalf of the Committee – All in agreement – Action Ken – Re-quote, Final Decision – Kate Palmer, Dave Taylor and Jim Homden

Hall Redecoration – Kate Palmer informed the meeting that this work has been completed and looking lovely. It was decided to look at the cost of redecorating the inside at the next meeting – Agenda – action Sam

Broken Light – It was noted that this has not been done to date, however Ken Botfield has been shown how to do the electrical checks. It noted that Dart Electrics have kindly offered free of charge 3 halogen lights for the committee room. It is hoped that the light will be mended a.s.a.p. and the committee will take up their kind offer of the halogen lights.

Damaged Table – Debbie White informed the meeting that the damaged table has been replaced and the damaged table has been removed from the hall. It was noted that at the recent Friends of Witheridge School event someone leant against one of the new tables and it collapsed. Debbie White informed the meeting that a new leg can be purchased at a cost of £16.00 plus P & P. Ken Botfield is happy to attach the new leg, it was also suggested that a regular check of the tables should be done to ensure any future breakages are noted quickly and any charges can be made to the correct party. It was decided that as we are unsure of when it was broken it would be unfair to pass this cost onto The Friends of Witheridge School. A letter of thanks will be sent to the Friends of Witheridge School for informing the committee and advise them that payment is not necessary- Action Sam.

Shed Clearance – Molly Bullivant informed the meeting that she has spoken to the Pauline Brooke and the Drama Club send their apologies. Kaye Wollacott offered to speak to Pauline Brooke again along with Val Dickenson with the offers of help to sort and tidy the shed. It was also noted that perhaps the back drops on the stage could be rolled up to be stored during the same tidy up session. It was noted that an email has been received from the Parish Council informing the committee that their items have been removed from the shed. Dave Taylor suggested that the committee could generate some revenue by charging groups (except Mothers and Toddlers) to keep items in the shed (Dave Taylor declared an interest) as St John’s Fayre Committee would be happy to pay to store their chairs and tables.- No decision – Action Kaye Wollacott

Car Park Post – A letter has been received from Greg Henderson as he was unable to attend the meeting informing the committee that the paint has been purchased, and hopes to complete the work when the weather permits. Thank you Greg

Hall Promotion: Web Site – Dave Taylor informed the meeting that everyone can access the new web site via the Parish Hall web site. Financial details are now available and the working party plans to put future Committee Meeting agendas onto the site (as of the next meeting). It was noted that it would be good in the future if bookings could be made via the new web site. Jim Homden informed the meeting that he has received an email from an organisation that are looking for venues to hold Wrestling Competitions during the remainder of this year and early part of next year. It was decided to gain more information before taking a decision of this – Action Jim Homden

Scene Photo- David Taylor informed the meeting that he has some nice photos of the flower show and the monthly dinner which could be used for the advert. All at the meeting in agreement. The deadline for the next issue is 28th November. Action – Dave Taylor

Hall Mark- It was noted that this has not been done, but everyone thought it was a good way to promote the hall and as it does not cost anything we should go ahead. Mary Stanbury offered to fill in the form. All in agreement - Action Mary Stanbury


1. An email has been received for the Parish Council informing the committee of the annual grants given out to groups. As the date for application was 12th November (to late to be take to this meeting a decision was made between the Chair and Secretary) a letter was written asking for some money to put towards the kitchen refurbishment as this is the current ongoing project. All at the meeting were happy with this decision.

2. Kate Palmer has received an email from the Witheridge Scene ( a copy will be given out to all members with these minutes) asking : why they cannot be members of the committee, concerns ref the Youth Shelter, a knife incident and a broken light at the main entrance. After a discussion it was decided that the Chair will write a letter on behalf of the committee in reply to these questions/concerns. It was also noted that a reply should be placed in the Witheridge Scene in reply to the “What Are We?” article Autumn Addition. Action Kate Palmer

3. A letter of thanks has been received from Dawn Harris for use of the hall during November.

4. Charity Commission – All members will need to fill in their details, this form will be sent back along with a copy of the minutes of the meeting straight after the AGM and all groups who can be represented. It was noted that Jim Homden has already filled the yearly audit of the finances. As some members were unable to attend the meeting the remainder Trustee’s will be contacted – Action Sam

5. Western Morning News Appeal – an email has been received asking us to hold a “bring and buy” sale on 30th Jan 2010 to help raise funds for older people throughout Devon. It was decided that as we are trying to raise funds for new kitchen facilities that we should concentrate on raising funds for this project.

Finances Report

Balances - All at the meeting were given a copy off the up to date accounts

Income – Kate Palmer thanked Jim Homden for the detailed list of letting income (3 months) and asked if this could continue (two months) in the future, Jim Homden was happy to continue- action Jim Homden

Dave Taylor asked if the Tennis Club pay anything to the committee for use of the tennis court. As there didn’t seem to be any formal agreement with the Tennis Club it was decided to invite one of their members to the next meeting and have this as an agenda item – Action Sam

Kitchen Grant – It was suggested that the money raised by Chris Kershaw (hamper at St John Fayre -£200.00) could be put towards the new facilities. It is expected that the stainless steel island/cupboard will cost in the region of £300.00. A decision on either a commercial or non-commercial cooker can be made after consultation with the supplier once the funds have been raised.

Bookings – Chris Kershaw informed the meeting that the following dates have been booked alongside the usual weekly bookings:

14th Nov – Mouse Racing, 18th Nov – Bingo, 25th Nov – Gardening Club, 27th Nov – Bowls Club, 3rd Dec – Line Dancing, 5th Dec – Xmas Bingo, 7th - 9th Dec – East Worlington, 11th Dec - Party, 12th Dec- Food & Craft, 13th Dec – Luncheon Club 17th Dec – Line Dancing

Chris Kershaw asked that as Witheridge school has a 20% discount if the same should apply to East Worlington School, all at the meeting in agreement. Kate Palmer thanked Chris Kershaw for all her hard work.

Fundraising: Family Christmas Bingo – 5th Dec 6-6.30pm. Chris Kershaw is happy to put together a Christmas Hamper and sell the tickets. Donations of Christmassy items or money to Chris Kershaw please. Greg Henderson and Tony Willis have individual cost prices for items we wish to sell. The selling prices can be decided at a later date. Dave Taylor is happy to do the posters and take charge of advertising the event. A poster will be given to Kelly Eastman who will ensure it is placed on the back of the schools weekly newsletter. It was also suggested we put posters up in Worlington, Drayford Lane and ask if it could be put in East Worlington School newsletter. It was decided to cater for 120 people, free entrance. The bingo books will be on sale for £1.00 each and we intend to have 1 line, 2 lines and the full house, with ten games in each book. Also noted that we will need to have people available to check the cards, Ken Botfield has the use of a bingo machine and is happy to call out the numbers. Kaye Woollacott is happy to purchase the 1 line prizes, Dave Taylor is happy to purchase the 2 line prizes and Chris Kershaw will purchase the chickens and gravy while Ken Botfield happy to purchase all vegetables etc needed for the full house prizes. Ken Botfield has purchased the 300 bingo books on a sale or return basis at a cost of £24.00.

Future Fundraising

Dave Taylor suggested that when the Craft Fair is on next we could use the overflow car park to hold a car boot sale. As it is usually used by the shall holders, it was suggested that during the warmer weather we could hold it on the grassed area.

Youth Shelter: Kaye Wollacott informed the Committee that she attended the first meeting and found it very constructive; unfortunately she was unable to attend the last meeting. It was noted that the sports club were asked to site a youth shelter within their grounds but the children’s proposal was declined. As Kelly Eastman has taken a particular interest it was suggested that she attend the next meeting on our behalf along with our other representatives– All in agreement

New Hall Task Group Update

Kate Palmer informed the meeting that the Parish are drawing up the questionnaire to consult with Parishioners after which a meeting will be arranged to consult the whole parish and allow residents to give their opinions, have any questions answered and look at plans. It was noted that an audit has been undertaken of all current Community Assets.

Build it Fund it Report

Gill Mannings report will forwarded to all members with their copy of minutes as Sam forgot to bring it with her Sorry Gill

The Chair thanked everyone for their time and effort

Next Meeting – Thursday21st January 2010 from 7.30pm

Meeting closed 10.05pm

Agreed correct ............................................................... Date ...............................

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