The Book of Witheridge - A Parish through the Centuries has recently been published as a limited subscriber edition, priced at £19.95. It is a large format (A4), 160-page hardback book including over 250 historic photographs, maps, drawings and other illustrations. The book will be a superb memento for all those who live in or have a connection with the parish of Witheridge, and is a fitting celebration of the new millennium.

The Authors - Peter Tout came to Witheridge in 1949 with his family. His father Tom bought the butchers business which is now 19 The Square and Peter helped with the Monday slaughtering at the back of the shop and delivered meat around the area, whilst still finding time to play football. In 1954 he married Freda, a Witheridge-born girl, the daughter of Stephen and Mary Selley. Freda attended the National School, and among other things was a leading figure in the Drama Group for many years. John Usmar came to farm at Elworthy in 1952, and worked at West Yoe from 1961-66. He has lived in the village since 1961.

Other Books by Local Authors

Mr and Mrs Tout (Phone and Fax 01884 860207) have a large photographic history of Witheridge, together with much written material.
Mr. John Usmar has written extensively about the history of the Parish.
Usmar, John, Witheridge Union Society (1829-1924)
Usmar, John. Witheridge Carnival (1930-I953)
Usmar, John. Witheridge and the Turnpike Roads.
Usmar, John. Drayford in days gone past.
Usmar, John, and Peter and Freda Tout. Old Witheridge: bygone days in a Devon village.
Usmar, John, and Peter and Freda Tout. Witheridge Memories (1999)
Usmar, J. Witheridge AFC l920-2000: A Celebration of Eighty Years of Football in Witheridge, Witheridge, John Usmar (2000)
Usmar, John. The Two Schools in Witheridge and How They Became One.

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