The Honey Doctor sells wonderful honey from local farms and heather honey from Exmoor. You can buy honey comb, set honey, runny honey, beeswax and polish locally produced.

We specialize in Manuka Honey, a New Zealand honey which is particularly good at fighting infections and keeping you healthy. This honey is imported direct from New Zealand and is certified by the Active Manuka Honey Board NZ. Within the range of Manuka products we can offer excellent skin healing creams such as the Active Manuka Honey Cream and the Manuka Magic, both very good for skin disorders.

In fact, we sell just about any product you can imagine that has been made by the bee. Propolis, Bee Pollen, Honey, Healing Creams, Burts Bees, Badger Balms and Bee Venom products are but some of the extensive range.

Have a look on our website The Honey Doctor to find out more.

About Us:

THE HONEY DOCTOR is completely dedicated to offering both excellent products and a first class service. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at

Our Contact details:

PO BOX 133
EX16 0AQ
United Kingdom

Phone: 01884 860625
Fax: 01884 861011


Please Visit Our Website.

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