Each property in the village has been issued with TWO Wheelie bins by Greensweep Waste Management acting for North Devon District Council, one green and one black. The green one should only contain garden waste and cardboard and your black bin is for disposable waste only.

South Molton Recycling now offer a collection to every one in the district by means of the Green Plastic box and bag issued to every property. The green plastic box is for all dry recyclable such as plastic bottles, tin cans and glass jars. The green bag is for old newspapers, clothes and toys you no longer want.

Where properties could not accommodate wheelie bins or restricted access excludes them from the scheme, free black bags are available from NDDC.

To assist Greensweep in protecting the environment, please ensure that you only place the correct items in the right containers. Placing the wrong items in the in the wrong box, bag, bin risks contaminating the other contents thereby preventing them being recycled.

Your GREEN BAG should only contain:

Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues, Telephone books, Clean old clothes, Shoes (in pairs), Handbags, Belts, Sheets, Curtains, Pillow cases, Duvet covers, Junk mail (no plastics)

Your GREEN BOX should only contain:

Glass bottles, jars, Plastic bottles (i.e. milk cartons, shampoo bottles etc, Food tins, Drink cans, Aluminium foil, Aerosol cans

Your GREEN WHEELIE BIN should only contain:

Bark, Hedge clippings, Grass cuttings, Weeds, Cut flowers, Plants (no soil), Windfalls, Untreated sawdust, Wood shavings, Clean straw, Egg boxes, Cardboard (not with plastic attached) including food packaging and washing powder boxes.

Your BLACK WHEELIE BIN should only contain:

All cooked OR uncooked food waste including peelings, Vacuum cleaner contents, Vegetable peelings, Cardboard milk or juice cartons, Disposable nappies, Plastic envelopes, Tea bags, coffee filters, Polystyrene, Plastic food wrappers i.e. cling film, crisp packets etc.

Empty containers:

Engine oil containers, Pesticide containers, Medicine bottles, Yoghurt pots, Butter, margarine tubs

Take tops off all plastic bottles. Tops are often made of a different type of plastic.

Rinse all containers well.

For all your Greensweep enquiries call 01271 374776 or e-mail greensweepdirect@northdevon.gov.uk.

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