Witheridge Parish Hall Committee

Witheridge Parish Hall and approximately two acres of land on which the hall stands is a charity regulated by a Scheme of the Charity Commissioners of the 23rd March 1956, and in the matter of the Charities Act, 1960. Under the scheme the charity is ordered to be administered and managed in conformity with the provisions of this scheme by the Committee of Management to be known as the Charity Trustees.

This committee of management, hereinafter referred to as "the committee" shall consist when complete of 26 persons, "hereinafter referred to as members" being Six Elected Members, and Twenty Representative Members.

Subject as hereinafter provided for casual vacancies, the Elected members shall be appointed at the annual general meeting.

Three Representative members shall be appointed by the Parish Council of Witheridge.

Each of the recognised village organisations will appoint a representative member not more than one month before the date of the Annual General Meeting, and notify the secretary of the committee accordingly...

Groups Represented on the Committee

A Willis - Representing the Bowls Club
Greg Henderson - Representing Composting
Molly Bullivant - Representing the Garden Club
Jacqui Adcock - Representing the Brownies
Debbie White - Representing the Food and Craft
Sue Archer - Representing the Monday Art Group
Maggie Cosker - Representing the Methodist Chapel
Gill Manning - Representing St John’ Fayre
Jill Yendell - Representing the Evening Art Club
Den Buckingham - Representing the PCC

Parish Council Nominated Members on the Committee

Kate Palmer - Chairman – Representing the Parish Council
Mary Stanbury – Representing the Parish Council
Chris Kershaw–Booking Clerk – Representing the Parish Council

Parish Elected Members on the Committee

David Taylor - Vice-Chairman - Representing the Public
Jim Homden - Treasurer - Representing the Public
Sam Spurway - Secretary - Representing the Public
Simon Howard - Representing the Public
Ken Botfield - Representing the Public
Kaye Woollacott - Representing the Public

Entitled Groups but with no nominated Representative on the Committee

The Congregational Church
The Primary School
Witheridge Pre-school
Cricket Club
Football Club
Tennis Club
Young Farmers

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