Minutes of meeting held on 2nd November October 2010



Gerald Manning, Chairman
Claire Goodwin, Treasurer
Debbie White, Secretary
Gill Manning, Press & Publicity Officer
Maria Greenwood, Doreen Jenkins, Jane and Laurence Devonshire, Ken and Desni Botfield, Teresa Price, Vivienne Hutton, Simon Howard, Eddie and Ann Mills, Lise Martin, Mary Stanbury, Jacky Bradford, Angus Cottey, Frank Housam, Vic Loose,

1. Apologies: None.

2. Minutes of last meeting 12th October 2010: The minutes of 12th October 2010 were approved and signed.

3. Matters arising

Eddie still awaited details from The Army Cadet Force. Viv awaited further details from the Blackdown Steel Band Jo Green would bring her Dartmoor pony to be petted. Debbie and Viv would chase the Exmoor Pony Centre. Debbie reported it was highly unlikely that a police dog handler could attend the Fayre. Gill confirmed the vicar had agreed the Church could be used for the carol singing in the event of wet weather on 4th December. 4. Mouse racing

A good evening, making a profit of £557.80. The publicity boards were excellent. It was felt a similar event should be held in October 2011. Debbie would forward to Jacky some details about pig racing. 5. Anderton & Rowland’s proposal

A copy of the proposal was circulated to the committee for discussion. Gerald had notified the Church Commissioners about the possibility of holding a funfair in Bell Close Field and was awaiting their feedback. Gerald would not want A&R to purchase new gates for the field. Gerald would speak with Donald Harris about car parking arrangements. A wet weather plan would need to be put in place – if required Vic would ask the Sports Field Management Committee about using its car park. Stalls would need to be located in the Square, the street and along the pathway leading to the back of the Parish Hall in order to keep the Fayre flowing. The proposal depended on resolving the car parking issue, agreement by the Church Commissioners and satisfactory financial terms being agreed. Subject to these points, Vic proposed and Angus seconded that a meeting should be arranged with A&R to further discuss the proposal and re-negotiate the financial terms of having a funfair at SJF. Committee members in favour: 16, against: 3, abstained: 2. Debbie would contact A&R to arrange a meeting on either 7th or 14th December. Gerald would notify the Parish Council of these developments at its next meeting. 6. Fayre improvements/possible re-siting for 2011

To be discussed at a future meeting.

7. Christmas event

The tree would be in position on 2nd December. Debbie would confirm with Richard Boyles. Ken and Gerald would purchase some new lights. Debbie would purchase the food boxes and Santa presents. Debbie would write a letter of thanks to the Parish Council. Debbie would print posters and tickets. Jane and Laurence said tickets could be sold from the village stores. Mary would ask the Newsagents. Debbie would ask the school to sell tickets and to put details in its newsletter. A sub-group was formed to discuss the food requirements: Debbie, Gill, Doreen, Jacky, Lise, Jane, Viv, Desni and Mary. The meeting would be held at Lakelands on 16th November at 10am. A raffle would be held with two prizes: a family hamper and Christmas tree (kindly donated by Gerald and Gill). All committee members to provide an item for the hamper. Gerald would sell raffle tickets. Gill and Doreen would be on the door. Simon would be Santa’s helper. The sub-group would also work in the kitchen. Hot dogs would be on sale as well as mulled wine. A tray of food would be organised for the Band.

8. Financial Report

As covered by the minutes of the AGM.

9. A.O.B.

Debbie had received notification from the Parish Council that applications for the annual grants must be submitted by 14th November. It was agreed a grant of £500 to cover the insurance costs of the Fayre should be applied for. Claire would provide Debbie with copies of the accounts required for the application.

10. Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 30th November 2010, 7.45pm at Newhouse.

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