Financial Position of the Fair

At the Annual General Meeting held on 24th November 2009 the treasurer, Claire Goodwin, reported that of the donated sum of £5000 held in the Capital Fund, £2197 had been drawn down to purchase new tables, chairs, an information tent, bunting, tug-of-war rope, and several other smaller items, all of which will help to reduce hire costs in future years.

The treasurer further reported that the fair had cost £5600 to stage this year, and would not have been viable without a £500 grant from the Parish Council to cover insurance costs, the generous support of local businesses and the deep pockets of all who support our events.

This enabled the revenue account to remain just about in balance for the past year. The revenue account (income and expenditure) stands at £2941, which compares well with the £800 in the account when the committee was reconstituted four years ago.

It was unanimously agreed that, if, as we intend, the Fair is to expand year on year, that even greater efforts must go into fund raising.

Financial Statement for the Fayre Weekend in 2009

Income for the Fayre Weekend in 2009

Adverts - £735.00

Bar Sales - £993.40

Donations - £1018.98

Draw and Raffle - £239.80

Entertainment - £391.15

Programme sales - £123.49

Ice Cream sales - £162.50

Refreshments - £10.00

Stall Income - 775.00

Ticket Sales - £965.00

Total Income for the Fayre Weekend in 2009 - £5414.32

Expenditure for the Fayre Weekend in 2009

St Johns Ambulance - £90.00

Drinks - £721.40

Entertainment - £2675.25

PA and Marquee Hire - £2676.25

Insurance - £390.00

Miscellaneous - £43.75

Printing - 70.00

Prizes - £128.48

Licence Fee - 21.00

Hall Hire - £48.00

North Devon Festival - £57.50

Total Expenditure for the Fayre Weekend in 2009 - £5414.32

This resulted in an overall profit forthe weekend of just £74.94

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