Minutes of Meeting Held 23rd February 2010

PRESENT: Gerald Manning, Chairman: Claire Goodwin, Treasurer: Debbie White, Secretary: Gill Manning, Vivienne Hutton, Desni Botfield, Mary Stanbury, Vic Loose, Ken Botfield, Jacky Bradford, Simon Howard, Teresa Price, David Taylor, Lise Martin, Maria Greenwood.


Frank Housam, Doreen Jenkins, Angus and Joy Cottey, Emma Wilson, Lise Martin

1. 27th October 2009:

The minutes of the meeting held on 19th January 2010 were approved and signed.

2. Matters arising:

Angus had confirmed it would cost under £300 to provide a hog roast.

Insurance: Gerald had contacted the NFU Mutual for an insurance quote to cover not only the fair but also cancellation insurance. Last year the cover provided by BH&S had cost £390. The quote from NFU to include £3,000 cancellation insurance this year was £311.85. This offers public liability insurance of £5m and employer’s liability of £10m for both the Saturday and Sunday events. Cover would also be sought for volunteers to be insured for a month prior to the event and a week after the fair to cover preparation works. It was agreed BH&S would be informed of the cheaper quote in case they could match/better it. David proposed, Mary seconded and all were in favour to accept the NFU cover after hearing back from BH&S.

A discussion took place concerning charging the Friends of Witheridge School and the pre-school for their refreshment stalls. David proposed, Ken seconded and all were in favour to charge the Friends £50 for fair day.

Ken proposed, Vic seconded and all were in favour to charge the Pre-school £10 (or provide refreshments for the performers in lieu) for the Friday evening event.

3. Bookings and Stall for 2010

Please refer to the action plan attached to the minutes.

4. Saturday night event

Vic reported that a race night would cost £170 inclusive. David proposed, Mary seconded and all were in favour to book this event.

Following Angus’ confirmation that a hog roast would cost approximately £300 it was agreed that this should be booked.

The bar would be tendered out all day and evening.

6. Sunday Event

East Worlington did not want to organise an event.

It was agreed that the SJF would organise a car boot sale at the Parish Hall with food and drink on sale in the marquee from 10am-2pm.

7. Finance Report

Claire provided a detailed breakdown of the accounts showing the income from the 2009 fair was £5,414.32 with expenditure being £5,339.38 making a profit of £74.94. There remained £2,802.34 left to spend on capital items and the opening bank balance towards the 2010 fair was £2,798.90.

8. Publicity

Gill reported that the NDF had major cutbacks to their finances. The SJF programme last year (fully subsidised by NDF) had cost £1,000. For 2010 the NDF would provide the SJF with a £500 grant. Gill had spoken with Kev Behan (the 2009 programme designer) who could design and print 500 copies of the programme for £714.10. Gill was in discussion with Dave Bignell (another designer) for a quote and would hope to report back at the next meeting.

Gill would prepare an article for the Witheridge Scene showing the accounts.

Gill would prepare a press release giving current details of the SJF plans.

The photo competition had been won by Dave Bignell’s photograph of the majorettes. Debbie would purchase a £15 W H Smith voucher and forward it to him.

9. Fundraising

A sub-group meeting would shortly be arranged and would report back to the main committee in due course. **Post meeting note: the sub-group would be meeting on 10 March at 7.45pm at Claire’s house**

10. AOB:

Fair day would again be Armed Forces Day. Gerald would speak to Edward Martin about possible involvement of the TA. Ken would contact Sheila the Royal British Legion’s flag bearer.

The tender letter for alcohol sales during the day and evening would be sent out shortly to the Mitre, the Angel, the Mount Pleasant, the Thelbridge, the Black Dog, the Stag and the Sports Club.

Claire reported the SJF may be eligible to apply for a grant to the Knights of Witheridge.

9. Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 23rd March 2010, 7.45pm at Newhouse Farm.

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