Witheridge Parish Hall Committee AGM-31st July 08 at 7.30pm in the Committee Room

Present: Chris Kershaw PC (Acting Chair), Jim Homden (Treasurer), Sam Spurway (Secretary), Kate Palmer – PC, Ken Botfield-Parishioner, Gerald Manning-St John’ Fayre, Mike Childs-Trustee, Debbie White-Food & Craft Fayre, Jacqui Adcock-Brownies, Sophie Marshall-School PTA, Den Buckingham - Witheridge Parish Church, Mary Stanbury – PC, Antony Willis – Bowls Club, Maggie Coster-Methodist Church, Greg Henderson-Composting, Sue Archer – Monday Art Club, Kaye Woollacott- Parishioner, Simon Howard– Parishioner, Casey Galliford – Youth, Anthony Saunders – Youth member, Teresa Price - Parishioner

Apologies: Peter Manley, Mary Homden, Mavis Huckle and Pam Lott

The Acting Chair thanked everyone for attending, and commented that it was lovely to see some younger members of the Parish present.

Minutes from the last AGM

All members attending were given a copy of last years AGM minutes, these were agreed to be a true account and duly signed by the Acting Chair.

Matters arsing from the last AGM: None

Chairman’s Report A verbal report was given by the Acting Chairman. The Fundraising Committee were thanked for all their hard work in gaining grants for new tables and kitchen equipment. It was noted that we have been approached by the youth of the village asking to site a youth shelter within the grounds of the village hall, and the Parish Council have funds in place to start this project. A new allotment group with over 40 members have been formed and wish to have allotments within the village and have approached The Parish Council. They in turn have asked the Parish Hall Committee if part of the land at the back of the building could be utilised for this purpose. All the Committee were thanked for their hard work and dedication through out the year.

Treasurers Report All at the meeting were given a copy of the annual accounts. All at the meeting had a chance to ask questions about the yearly accounts. No questions were voiced.

To Consider Recommendation from the Sub-Committee for Parish Organisations

The Acting Chair noted that only organisations/groups that encourage new members to join their group are allowed to have a representative on the Committee. The Acting Chair read out the list to all at the meeting for consideration. Mike Child asked if this list could be revised in the future, the list can be altered if 2/3 of the existing members are in agreement.

To Adopt the Groups/Organisation for 2009/2010:

All group/organisations nominations were read out (15) plus 3 members of the Parish Council. All at the meeting were in agreement with the sub-committee recommendations. This list will be forwarded to the Charity Commission along with the AGM minutes so that the constitution can be updated. It was noted that all members will be expected to attend all meetings and apologies will need to be sent if they are unable to attend.

To Receive Nominations for 6 Elected Members from the Parish

Four written nominations have been received from the following: Ken Botfield, Simon Howard, Kaye Woollacott, and David Taylor. As we need 6 the Acting Chair suggested that Jim Homden be asked to stand this was seconded by Debbie White, all at the meeting in agreement. Gerald Manning proposed Sam Spurway to be the remaining member this was seconded by Ken Botfield, all in agreement.

To Consider Co-option of Additional Members

It was decided that at the present time the Committee has no need to co-op any other members. All non-members were asked to stand down and all new members were asked to join the meeting.

Questions from the Floor:

It was noted that although the Friends of Witheridge School representative regularly attend meetings that no one member was wiling to be put forward to represent the group, (this is not in line with the constitution). It was noted that they have one month to consider if they wish to put a member forward and submit the nomination to the committee for consideration (2/3 of members must agree).

The Acting Chair noted that the constitution has not been followed 100% for a long time and we should not have had 3 trustees as all members are Managing Trustee’s and their details need to be forwarded to the Charity Commission. It was noted that all members of the committee must be over 18, and the Acting Chair suggested that the younger members of the village attend the Parish Council meetings to ensure their voice is heard.

Agreed to be correct ............................................................. Date ..................................

To continue with our fundraising we should now like to sell the old tables - strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to buy a table (or two!) for £5.00 each please contact Debbie on 01884 860270 to register your interest

We do not want to spoil anyone's fun, but please parents warn your children - this is not a suitable place to race around on bicycles.

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